Kilimanjaro Climb & Serengeti Safari


Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, Serengeti.

Appreciate the perspectives on Kilimanjaro’s highest point with your group of specialists.

Travel into the Ngorongoro Crater looking for natural life.

Wonder about the wildebeest movement directly before your eyes.

Quest for Big 5 in the Serengeti with your private guide.

Highlighting expertly chosen Hotels.

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    Discovery, Family, Guided Tours
  • Activity Level Strenuous
  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the Kilimanjaro Climb & Serengeti Safari.

A travel experience like no other

This example schedule was made by specialists and is intended to rouse your next trip. It is fit to be redone to suit your inclinations, tastes, and spending plan so you can interface with neighborhood societies and experience real travel on your own terms, and withdrawing at whatever point you pick.

  • DAY 1

ARUSHA Get Settled

  • Arrival – Kilimanjaro Int’l Airport (JRO) – Vehicle/Guide
  • Welcome: Arusha – Welcome Package
  • Emergency Evacuation Insurance.


  • DAY 2

KILIMANJARO The Adventure Begins

  • Safety Kit
  • Umbwe Caves Hike
  • Lunch (included)
  • Dinner (Included).


  • DAY 3

KILIMANJARO Breathe the Mountain Air

  • Barranco Hike
  • Lunch (included)
  • Dinner (Included).


  • DAY 4


  • Barranco Hike
  • Lunch (included)
  • Dinner (Included).


  • DAY 5

KILIMANJARO Lose Yourself in Nature

  • Barafu Hike
  • Lunch (included)
  • Dinner (Included).


  • DAY 6

KILIMANJARO Cross an Item off the Bucket List

  • Summit / Mweka Hike
  • Lunch (included)
  • Dinner (Included).


  • DAY 7


  • Final Descent & Transfer
  • Lunch (not included)
  • Dinner (not included).


  • DAY 8

ARUSHA TO NGORONGORO The Journey Continues…

  • Transfer – Arusha – Ngorongoro [3 hrs] – 4X4/Guide
  • Lunch (included)
  • Optional Activities – Farm Lodges
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 9

NGORONGORO Big-Game Galore

  • Vehicle and Guide – Private
  • Ngorongoro Crater Tour for Plantation Lodges
  • Lunch (included)
  • Park Fee
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 10


  • Park Fee
  • Transfer – Ngorongoro – Serengeti [5-6 hrs] – 4X4/Guide
  • Olduvai Gorge – Entrance
  • Lunch (included)
  • Afternoon Game Drive
  • Park Fee
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 11

SERENGETI Rare Sightings

  • Morning Game Drive
  • Optional Activities
  • Lunch (included)
  • Afternoon Game Drive
  • Park Fee
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 12


  • Game Drive & Airstrip Drop Off – Private – 4X4/Guide
  • Air – Serengeti – Arusha [Scheduled Charter (2 hrs)] – Y Class – Standard – Central (Seronera)
  • Private Transportation – 4X4/Guide
  • Deluxe Lunch – Lunch
  • Souvenir Shopping.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • One bag and one carry-on per individual for trip moves
  • Breakfast every morning at your lodging, in addition to any suppers showed in the agenda
  • Hello at the air terminal or at your convenience from one of our delegates – your master will affirm your meet and welcome area with you
  • Neighborhood private aides or shared visits that take you through your schedule features and encounters, your last agenda will affirm the sort of visit
  • A private driver for visits and moves (in certain nations our nearby private aides additionally go about as your driver – your Destination Expert will examine with you if relevant)
  • All convenience stays, visits, and moves for planned exercises are canvassed except if in any case recorded in the schedule
  • day in and day out in-objective help from our neighborhood office
  • A completely tweaked agenda dependent on your inclinations and timetable.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Identification charges, inoculation expenses, and nearby takeoff charges (when material)
  • Discretionary improvements like room or flight redesigns, or nearby camera or video charges
  • Extra touring, exercises, and encounters outside of your schedule
  • Early registration or late registration from lodgings (except if in any case determined)
  • Individual charges like clothing, calls, SIM cards, or room administration
  • Abundance stuff charges, and where relevant, things excluded from your passage
  • Snacks, suppers, and beverages (drunkard and non-heavy drinker), except if indicated in the schedule
  • Tips for administrations and encounters
  • Visas (except if noted)
  • Travel protection, which we offer and can be bought after you’ve booked your visit
  • Your global airfare – kindly can let your master say whether you’d prefer to get evaluating from our Air Team.
  1. Day 1 ARUSHA

    Get Settled

    You will be welcomed by a private English-talking guide in the public holding up the territory of Kilimanjaro International Airport in the wake of going through the baggage carousel. This guide will move you to your inn and help with registration.

    Prior to withdrawing on your first day of exercise, an excursion agent will meet you at your inn to talk about the subtleties of your outings and answer any inquiries you may have.

    Upon appearance in Arusha, an invite bundle including travel records and a guide will be given to you.

    While in our consideration, your wellbeing and security are our main needs. All things considered, in the impossible occasion of genuine disease or injury, all visitors are given a ”Flying Doctors” protection strategy. This crisis clearing protection takes care of the expense of the departure trip back to Nairobi for therapy, however, does not cover the expense of any clinical treatment got. We energetically suggest travel protection for full inclusion.


    The Adventure Begins

    Each trip group is outfitted with a completely operational wellbeing pack. The pack incorporates a compact elevation chamber (on hole risings), emergency treatment kids, beat oximeters, oxygen with controller and cover, neck support, cell phone, satellite telephone (on Shira and cavity), water channel, stethoscope, convenient cot, visitor and team AMS observing sheets.

    Trip aides and groups are explicitly prepared and taught to guarantee, at every possible opportunity, that our visitors can stroll off the mountain, independent, themselves. They are likewise prepared widely on observing frameworks and furthermore the administration of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and further developed types of mountain disorder like HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) and HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema).

    Toward the beginning of the day, you are gotten up am from your lodging and drive to Machame door to gather your grants. There is then an hour’s drive to the Umbwe door wherein the wake of checking in you set off up through the woods zone. This first day of climbing isn’t excessively troublesome however unquestionably steepens towards the last day’s end. In the late evening, you show up in the primary camp for supper and overnight.


    Inhale the Mountain Air

    The subsequent day climbs from the backwoods zone into the heath zone and there are some lofty areas here. Relaxing is fundamental to permit your body to adapt. An excursion lunch is taken on the course and afterward, in the early evening, you show up at Barranco camp on schedule to unwind for some time before supper. The perspectives on the Barranco divider and western penetrate relate to occasions about 60,000 years prior when this entire piece of the mountain fell.


    A Sight To Behold

    Today is a walk-high rest low day. You climb into the high desert and for those that are feeling solid you can even go to Lava Tower prior to diving to the Barranco Camp. Lunch is taken as an excursion lunch on course. This is a taxing day yet delivers profits later on – incredible acclimatization day!


    Lose Yourself in Nature

    Today is another half day climbing to Barafu Camp. By and by lunch is taken in camp permitting a lot of time to unwind before the highest point offer. Barren high desert and on occasion solid breezes tear over this camp but then in the evening, impressive perspectives on Mawenzi top are the standard. Moderately early supper is taken prior to going to rest for the night.


    Cross a thing off the Bucket List

    A great many people withdraw not long before 12 PM for the last highest point offer. Tolerance and perseverance are the name of game to arrive at the highest point and before breakfast as the main beams of light begin to show up, most show up close to the edge. Rising by means of Stella Point manages the cost of a generally short last area to Uhuru top, the Roof of Africa! Nothing is exempt from the forces of gravity and your objective today is to arrive at Mweka Camp before nightfall.


    A Well-Earned Break

    After breakfast you dive indeed through montane backwoods and around early afternoon in the wake of saying goodbye to your team, you are gotten and move back to your convenience.


    The Journey Continues…

    Your guide will drive you from Arusha to the astounding Ngorongoro Crater. The drive requires around three hours.

    During your visit to the Ngorongoro locale, a scope of discretionary exercises is accessible to you. From bramble picnics to social visits to nearby Masai towns to guided natural life revelation strolls to sundowner mixed drinks, the decision is yours. Too, outings to the gigantic Ngorongoro Crater can likewise be masterminded where you’ll find a mind-boggling scope of natural life. On the off chance that you might want more data on any discretionary action, kindly address your Destination Expert.


    Major Game Galore

    An accomplished tracker-guide and private vehicle will go with you today while investigating Ngorongoro National Park.

    Today, find perhaps the most surprising untamed life preservation zones in Tanzania; the Ngorongoro Crater. Withdrawing from your camp in a secretly determined vehicle close by a nearby master control, advance toward the passageway of the recreation center, at that point drive a further 20 minutes to arrive at the edge of Ngorongoro Crater: the world’s biggest dormant, unblemished, and unfilled volcanic caldera. This topographical wonder was shaped as the aftereffect of an immense blast that made the well of lava breakdown on itself, subsequently making a gigantic pit. Around 12 miles wide and about 2,000 feet down, the outing from the pit edge to the floor requires roughly 45 minutes by vehicle. The amazingly prolific cavity floor has pulled in unfathomably thick populaces of natural life, and at present more than 25,000 enormous creatures call the pit home, including a portion of the world’s final dark rhinos. The pit floor additionally has the absolute most noteworthy groupings of carnivores on the planet, highlighting enormous pride of lions, bunches of hyenas, and lone hunters like cheetahs and jackals. A sharp eye combined with expertly secured search designs from your guide makes certain to help you detect a wide scope of untamed life and maybe a portion of the more tricky species like panthers, servals, and bat-eared foxes.


    A Dazzling Drive

    Your guide will get you from your hotel in Ngorongoro and drive you to the renowned fields of the Serengeti. On this drive, you will have the choice of halting at Olduvai Gorge, the Serengeti Welcome Center, and Lookout Point or halting for an outing lunch. Subsequent to entering the Serengeti, you will get the opportunity to appreciate a game review drive as you track through the recreation center on the way to your next convenience. The drive takes five to six hours relying upon the number of stops you make and the length of your game survey insight. Longer travel times ought not out of the ordinary during the blustery seasons.

    The huge Olduvai Gorge, or Oldupai Gorge, is regularly alluded to as ”The Cradle of Mankind.” Beginning in the eastern Serengeti fields, the enormous gorge is somewhere in the range of 30 miles in length and is the aftereffect of millions of long periods of normal disintegration. The chasm includes a precarious-sided gorge that carves its way through the Great Rift Valley extending alongside eastern Africa, and is named after a regularly utilized plant by the Masai public; Sansevieria-Ehrenbergii, or Olduvai for short. This plant fills amply nearby and is utilized for making wraps, rope, containers, rooftops, and dresses. Today, find the Olduvai Gorge firsthand close by your master neighborhood manager.

    Prepare for a memorable evening as you set out in the organization of an accomplished tracker-manual for investigating the scopes of the Serengeti. The recreation center is incredibly famous for its sound populaces of inhabitant untamed life species, specifically the African Big Five comprising of wild oxen, elephants, rhinoceroses, panthers, and lions. Despite the fact that sightings are viewed as an extraordinariness, a little gathering of dark rhinoceros additionally lives inside the recreation center grounds. Hefty convergences of topi, gazelle, waterbuck, and Coke’s hartebeest guarantee that nearby carnivores including cheetah, hyenas, and African wild canines are ever-present. The recreation center is likewise home to in excess of 500 types of birds, including ostriches, delegated cranes, marabou storks, and secretary birds; probably the most pursued and photogenic birds in the world.

  11. Day 11 SERENGETI

    Uncommon Sightings

    Earlier today, your African experience starts with an exploratory game drive through Tanzania’s most established and most perceived National Park, the Serengeti. A place where there is an unmatched game survey, from extraordinary crowds of brushing herbivores to strategically shrewd bunches of carnivores, life on the fields of the Serengeti really typifies the ”circle of life.” Heaven for picture takers and natural life lovers the same, it is everything except ensured that you will spot giraffes and elephants devouring greenery, impalas, gazelles, and bison gallivanting cautiously through the fields to abstain from being seen by on-looking lions, cheetahs and hyenas, and staggering scope of birdlife fluttering through the sky.

    Contingent upon which hotel you’re remaining at, exercises range from nature strolls to social town visits. A portion of these can be pre-booked through your objective subject matter expert while others can be reserved straightforwardly with the cabin upon arrival.  The most famous movement in Serengeti is going on a tourist balloon ride ($550pp – incorporates a sunrise sight-seeing balloon ride over the plains).  The inflatable will take off up for a wide perspective on the recreation center and afterward clear down nearly to the treetops so you can see the creatures very close. Get done with a newly prepared breakfast directly in the center of the game park, with celebratory champagne.

    Go through the day taking in the exhibition of one of the top safari features of any African stay; the renowned wildebeest relocation. Moving a clockwise way over time in the Serengeti environment, the wildebeest at that point head north into the Masai Mara in Kenya starting in June and July through to September and October. Sightings can’t be ensured as the groups move as indicated by the accessibility of food sources, in this way making relocation developments eccentric. The groups are joined by zebras and Thomson’s gazelles and are subtly pursued by hunters like panthers, lions, and hyenas, bringing into the sharp center the stunning excellence of nature alongside the unforgiving real factors of life on the fields.


    Until Next Time…

    Time allowing, your master guide will incorporate one more Serengeti game drive prior to dropping you off at the airstrip to get your ahead flight. This will be your last opportunity to take in the recreation center’s mind-boggling scene and different scope of creatures.

    Load onto a trip in Serengeti with the administration to Arusha. The flight will make a few stops en route. The estimated travel time is two hours.

    If it’s not too much trouble, note, severe baggage limitations apply to this flight: 1) Maximum weight recompense of 32 lbs (15 kg) is allowed per individual. 2) Baggage should be delicate shelled. 3) Additional things stipend can be orchestrated at extra expense, kindly address your Destination Expert for more data.

    Today you will have a private guide and driver available to you.

    Stop for a smorgasbord lunch this evening, remembered for your visit.

    Time allowing, visit a local crafted works market to load up on trinkets.