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Bulgaria can take numerous shapes. As one of the most seasoned inhabited places in Europe, is known for its excellent mountain scenes, strict engineering, and many years old conventions, however, it additionally has inconceivable dark sand seashores, coastline resorts, and icy lakes and backwoods.

Our nearby, private aides offer the chance to see a side of the country that isn't on a guide, and with the guarantee of completely customized agendas, a FlyVour will guarantee your outing to Bulgaria is intended to suit your timetable, interests and "should see" attractions on your pail list, regardless of whether that is investigating UNESCO World Heritage locales, finding the vestiges of the old Roman Theater in Plovdiv or taking a private guided city visit through its lovely capital, Sofia.

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Best Season:June - August
Popular Location: Varna | Veliko Tarnovo | Sofia

Bulgaria Holidays

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    Bulgaria & Romania Highlights

    11 Days

    Sofia, Bucharest, Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu See the widely acclaimed Parliament working of Bucharest. Private guided city visit through Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Investigate the cobbled roads and rear entryways of various middle age Balkan towns. Visit Romania’s dazzling Peles Castle and Bran Castle (Dracula…

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      Bulgaria Highlights

      5 Days

      Sofia Investigate the UNESCO World Heritage-recorded Rila Monastery. Find the vestiges of the old Roman Theater in Plovdiv. Leave on a private guided city visit through the features of the capital, Sofia. Private exchanges all through. Highlighting expertly chosen premium…

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