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Discover your family story on unique heritage tours created in collaboration with FlyVour. Each trip includes preselected hotels, authentic restaurants, guided sightseeing, and an expert Tour Operator. Experience Pakistan’s magnificent architecture and history, find out more about the peculiar culture and heritage of Pakistan. A supervised tour is an excellent way to explore the town and its iconic landmarks. Pakistan’s ancient heritage provides us with a unique identity in an era where globalization is all-pervasive. Let us not forget, as this seems to be our best-kept secret from the rest of the world, that Pakistan is a treasure trove of an ancient heritage stretching hundreds of years. Ancient sites, stupas, forts, shrines, tombs, houses, homes, temples, and places of worship can all be found in Pakistan. It is not only ancestral sites and historical landmarks, but also historic urban cores, which stretch from the peaks of Khyber in the far north to the southernmost edge of the mighty river Indus, Peshawar, Multan, Thatta, and Karachi, as well as scores of other living cities with their historic ecosystems, that are all significant in our quest for an understanding of our cultural diversity. Below given are the heritage sites we have to offer in order to make your journey remarkable.

Unesco Pakistan Heritage Sites

    Archaeological sites and Historic Karachi

    UNESCO Heritage

    Karachi is the capital of the Pakistani region of Sindh. It is the biggest city in Pakistan, and seventh biggest city on the planet. Situated on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, north-west of the Indus River Delta, the super…

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      Archeological Ruins at Moenjodaro

      Asia, UNESCO Heritage

      Situated in the Indus valley, (the progress of which was not found until the 1920s) the Moenjo-Daro ruins show one of the most punctual actual affirmations of metropolitan arranging. The site is basically colossal and goes back to 3000 BC.

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        Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi

        UNESCO Heritage

        The Buddhist religious complex of Takht-i-Bahi (Throne of Origins) was established in the mid-first century. Inferable from its area on the peak of a high slope, it got away from progressive intrusions is still extraordinarily all-around safeguarded.

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          Lahore Fort

          UNESCO Heritage

          The Lahore Fort is striking for having been essentially reconstructed in the seventeenth century when the Mughal Empire was at the tallness of its wonder and lavishness. After the fall of the Mughal Empire, Lahore Fort was utilized as the…

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            Makli Necropolis

            UNESCO Heritage

            A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, the Makli Necropolis sits right outside Thatta, Pakistan. It is one of the world's biggest funerary destinations and is maybe the biggest necropolis in the whole world.

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              Rohtas Fort

              UNESCO Heritage

              Sher Shah Suri fabricated a solid strengthened complex at Rohtas, an essential site in the north of what is presently Pakistan. It was never overwhelmed and has endure unblemished to the current day.

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                Shalimar Bagh

                UNESCO Heritage

                The trench converged the Gardens and released into an enormous marble bowl in the center patio. From this bowl, and from the trench, rise 410 wellsprings, which release into wide marble pools.

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                  Taxila Ancient City

                  UNESCO Heritage

                  It is a city of the Gandhara development, at times known as one of its capitals, whose set of experiences can be followed from early microlithic networks at the Khanpur gives in up to very nearly 1000 CE.

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