Adventure, Activity and Holidays to Ghana

A Ghana Vacation with FlyVour Tours is such an excursion that has the ability to transform you. On a tweaked visit, intended to your demanding determinations by our Destination Experts, you'll rapidly find why Ghana is not normal for some other nation in Africa.

Visit Ghana and close by your nearby private guide, you'll investigate Elmina Castle, look for goliath pangolins and woods elephants in Kakum National Park, and have the chance to get your own customary African tribe name from a town boss in Kumasi. Best of all, you'll investigate the nation totally on your own timetable at the same time breathing easy because of the way that each FlyVour Tours experience incorporates nonstop travel uphold.

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Best Season:October - March
Popular Location: Accra | Kakum National Park | Mole National Park

Ghana Holidays

The very best of Ghana Holidays and Tours

    West Africa Grand Journey

    18 Days

    Visit the drifting town Ganvie, known as the Venice of West Africa. Investigate the Sacred Forest and its numerous places of worship. Set out on a visit through the Forts, Castles, and Slave Dungeons of Ghana. Meet and blend with…

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      Treasures of West African History & Culture

      12 Days

      Kayak through a gliding business sector and shop among neighborhood sellers. Investigate the support of African customary religion, Ouidah. Tune in to the tale of the Ashanti individuals from a customary language specialist. Visit Cape Coast Castle, home to the…

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        Ghana Signature

        10 Days

        Make your own specks at a spot-producing plant. Participate in traditional African moving, by then get a standard African family name from a town Chief. Visit Elmina Castle, the first of its sort in Sub-Saharan Africa. Head over the trees…

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          Adventures in Ghana

          8 Days

          Partake in a customary African naming function in Torgorme. Visit Elmina Castle, the first of its sort in Sub-Saharan Africa. Head over the trees on the covering stroll at Kakum National Park. Watch how African figures are cut at renowned…

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