Karachi – City Of Lights

A cosmopolitan blend of Eastern and Western impacts, identities and societies, Karachi will enchant every one of the individuals who visit. With the warm waters of the Arabian ocean lapping at its shores, an amazing blend of compositional styles and the warm inviting friendliness of its kin, Karachi will elevate the spirits and vitalize you with a sparkle that offers belief to its epithet as the “City of Lights.”

There is a lot to find in rambling Karachi, the monetary first city of Pakistan and a captivating blend of societies. Most guest attractions are gathered in the southern area, while the distant sea shores and islands make for brilliant little excursions out of the city. In case you’re excited about getting familiar with the city’s set of experiences, historical centers like the National Museum of Pakistan and Mohatta Palace Museum are ones not to be missed.

Karachiites need not search any further for some straightforward guiltless fun than Seaview, also known as Clifton Beach. The long shoreline of the sea shore is an incredible sight, dissimilar to some other during nightfalls as the sky is painted in tints of yellow, orange, pink and purple under the mystical sight of the sun soaking in the Arabian ocean. Alongside the grand view come exercises like pony and camel rides, carriage adjusts and flying illuminated plastic kites.

A basic shoeless stroll with great discussion while gnawing on some cooked corn sprinkled with Karachi-style lemon and bean stew dressing is in itself a dazzling and extraordinary experience.

Top Attractions in Karachi

  • Dolmen Mall Clifton
  • PAF Museum
  • Port Grand
  • Mazar-e-Quaid
  • Lucky One Mall
  • Empress Market
  • Quaid-e-Azam Museum & Tomb
  • Churna Island
  • TDF Ghar
  • Chaukundi Ruins