Oberammergau Passion Play 2022


Munich, Oberammergau, Nuremberg

Witness the widely acclaimed Passion Play of Oberammergau, presented once predictably.

Take a private guided visit through Munich and examine the BMW Museum.

Track down the lovely middle age back roads of Rothenburg.

Explore Nuremberg’s walled Old Town with a private guide.

Stay at a handpicked decision of pleasing offices.

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    Discovery, Family, Guided Tours
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All about the Oberammergau Passion Play 2022.

A travel experience like no other

This model plan was made by trained professionals and is proposed to stir your next trip. It is fit to be adjusted to suit your tendencies, tastes, and spending plan so you can interface with close-by social orders and experience genuine travel on your own terms, and pulling out whenever you pick.

  • DAY 1

MUNICH Get In and Get Some Rest

  • Germany Welcome Package
  • Airport – Vehicle/Driver
  • Meet & Greet – Assistant.


  • DAY 2

MUNICH Get a Lay of the Land

  • City Tour with Olympiaturm & BMW Museum (4 hrs) – Private.


  • DAY 3


  • 1.5 hrs – Vehicle/Driver
  • Oberammergau at Leisure
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 4

OBERAMMERGAU Cultural Immersion

  • Morning at Leisure
  • Passion Play Performance (5-6 hrs)
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 5


  • Transfer – Private – Oberammergau – Nuremberg [3 hrs] – Vehicle/Driver
  • 1/2 Day Walking Tour (3 hrs) – Guide.


  • DAY 6

NUREMBERG A Walk Through the Past

  • Rothenburg Walking Tour (4 hrs) – Private.


  • DAY 7


  • Transfer – Private – Nuremberg – Munich [2 hrs] – Vehicle/Driver.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • One pack and one carry-on per individual for trip moves
  • Breakfast each day at your housing, notwithstanding any dinners showed in the plan
  • Hi at the air terminal or whenever the timing is ideal from one of our representatives – your lord will confirm your meet and welcome territory with you
  • Close by private associates or shared visits that take you through your plan highlights and experiences, your last timetable will attest such a visit
  • A private driver for visits and moves (in specific countries our close by private assistants also go probably as your driver – your Destination Expert will look at with you if fitting)
  • All accommodation stays, visits, and moves for arranged activities are peddled aside from if regardless recorded in the timetable
  • The entire day in-target help from our close-by office
  • A totally adjusted plan reliant upon your tendencies and schedule.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Distinguishing proof costs, vaccination costs, and neighborhood departure charges (when appropriate)
  • Optional upgrades like room or flight refreshes, or close by camera or video costs
  • Extra visiting, activities, and experiences outside of your plan
  • Early enrollment or late enlistment from lodgings (with the exception of if regardless showed)
  • Singular charges like garments, calls, SIM cards, or room organization
  • Excess things charges, and where proper, stuff barred from your cost
  • Tidbits, dinners, and refreshments (lush and non-substantial consumer), with the exception of whenever decided in the plan
  • Tips for organizations and experiences
  • Visas (aside from whenever noted)
  • Travel insurance, which we offer and can be purchased after you’ve booked your visit
  • Your worldwide airfare – mercifully can allow your lord to say whether you’d like to get assessing from our Air Team.
  1. Day 1 MUNICH

    Get In and Get Some Rest

    A welcome pack with a city map, train tickets (if relevant), and some other touristic information that we consider you may find supportive will keep it together for you upon your arrival in your first housing on your outing.

    A private move between your housing and Munich Airport gives.

    For your extra comfort, an English-talking right hand will be holding on for you at the housing lobby. Your representative will help you with checking in and walk you through the welcome pack reports, your timetable, and answer your requests.

  2. Day 2 MUNICH

    Get a Lay of the Land

    Like a city visit with a private vehicle and guide. Start your encounter with the Old town. Visit Olympiaturm and like the scene. The viewpoint on Munich, its ecological variables and, if the environment is worthy, the Alps from the Salzkammergut to the Allgaeu Alps is comparatively basically as exceptional as the Olympic apex itself. On April 5, 2005, the Olympic apex has even evolved by 1.75 meters. A Russian master helicopter under the Swiss standard has been used to remove the accepting wire’s top end and set up another radio wire piece by piece, which from now into the foreseeable future will give 6,000,000 TV watchers in Munich and the south of Bavaria with cutting edge TV broadcasting. The new height of the Olympic apex is at present 291.28 meters. Up here on likely the most raised zenith in Europe, you can move away from the uproar of the city. Take a full breath, neglect to recollect everything, and thereafter loosen up. From the survey establishment of the apex at a sculpture of 190 meters, the shimmering silver tent roof diagram of the Olympic Park is an impressive delineation of the exceptional plan. Continue with your visit to BMW Museum and its unquestionable designing resembling a forefront silver bowl, which is among the most engaging displays in Munich. Additional charges are associated with the visit cost.


    A Bit of Time in isolation

    Meet your private driver and vehicle for a trade to Oberammergau. The assessed travel time is 1.5 hours.

    Set in the Upper Ammer Valley, the intriguing town of Oberammergau is a lovely Bavarian town eminent for essential wood-carvings, a capacity that has been gone down through the ages, similarly as the observed Passion Play. Today, consider putting to the side the work to examine this lovely town, possibly with a visit to the intricate Oberammergau Church, or to the Reptilienhaus Oberammergau to get some answers concerning a wide extent of reptiles. For those with a ton of energy, a move at the base of Mount Kofel –  found not by and large a mile outside of town – is eagerly recommended.


    Social Immersion

    Today, appreciate time unwinding to explore at your own speed or loosen up at your housing.

    An exceptional and regarded practice, the Passion Play was first acted in 1634 after inhabitants of the town ensured that, at whatever point saved from the bubonic plague, they would convey a play depicting the life and end of Jesus Christ. Incredible to their guarantee, local people orchestrated a masterpiece that has since been coordinated every year completing in a zero. Counting a cast of 2,000 – all inhabitants of Oberammergau – the play mixes passionate substance, melodic plans, and choral refrain beginning first with a depiction of Adam and Eve, by then carrying on to the record of Jesus and the Money Changers. In excess of sixteen showings, the play follows the energy of Jesus Christ, turning up at ground zero with his execution, rebuilding, ultimately, apotheosis. A fascinating experience very few will get the opportunity to appreciate, see the Passion Play from the subsequent order arranges this evening. Sure to daze guests with an appreciation for religion, human articulations, or history, this once-in 10 years execution is yours to discover.


    A Change of Scenery

    Meet your private driver and vehicle for a trade to Nuremberg. The unpleasant travel time is 3 hours.

    Like seeing the jewel that is the old, bona fide city of Nuremberg in the association of an English-speaking Guide on a 3-hour walking visit. You will gain information on the royal residence, the wellsprings, wells, the city sanctuaries, and workmanship treasures, similarly as a flavor about the city’s splendid past and cosmopolitan present. Additional charges are prohibited.

  6. Day 6 NUREMBERG

    A Walk Through the Past

    Today meet your driver at the hotel and head to Rothenburg. Arranged about an hour west of Nuremberg, the city is one of the star attractions along Germany’s Romantic Road. Upon appearance leave on a private walking visit through this postcard-ideal town nearby a close by direct. Rothenburg happily compliments its especially saved old designs, dividers, and its untainted setting. You will cover the city’s arrangement of encounters and the principal structures and go inside the city’s essential church St. James (St. Jacob) to see its two great exceptional ventured territories. One of them was made by T. Riemenschneider, Germany’s most well-known woodcarver who lived around the 1500s. The past city dividers are at this point immaculate and make for a mind-blowing wander around or more the city.


    Until Next Time…

    Meet your private driver and vehicle for a trade to Munich. The inaccurate travel time is 2 hours.