Galapagos & Machu Picchu Highlights


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Sail the widely acclaimed Galapagos Islands on a 16-traveler yacht.

Stroll among ocean lions, monster turtles, and magma streams with a naturalist manage.

Appreciate a secretly guided investigation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu.

Homegrown airfare included.

Highlighting expertly chosen lodgings.

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    Discovery, Family, Guided Tours
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All about the Galapagos & Machu Picchu Highlights.

A travel experience like no other

This example agenda was made by specialists and is intended to rouse your next trip. It is fit to be tweaked to suit your inclinations, tastes, and financial plan so you can associate with neighborhood societies and experience bona fide travel on your own terms, and withdrawing at whatever point you pick.

  • DAY 1


  • Airport with Meet & Greet – Vehicle/Guide/Driver.


  • DAY 2

GUAYAQUIL A-Town Frozen in Time

  • 1/2 Day City Tour & Historic Park (3 hrs) – Vehicle/Guide/Driver.


  • DAY 3


  • Airport – Vehicle/Guide/Driver
  • Air – Guayaquil – Galapagos [2 hrs] – Economy
  • Tourist Transit / Migration Control Card – Transit/Migration Card
  • NOTE: Mandatory Medical Travel Insurance
  • National Park Entrance Fee – National Park Entrance Fee
  • Shared – Airport Arrival, Transfer to Pier & Embarkation
  • Exploring South Plaza Island (3.5 hrs).


  • DAY 4


  • Hiking to Post Office Bay or Baroness Viewpoint Visit (2.5 hrs)
  • Cormorant Point (2.5 hrs).


  • DAY 5


  • Hiking Santa Fe Island (2.5 hrs)
  • Tortoise Breeding Center Visit (2.5 hrs).


  • DAY 6


  • Gianni Arismendy Interpretation Center (2 hrs)
  • Airport Transfer
  • Air – Galapagos – Guayaquil [2 hrs] – Economy
  • Air – Guayaquil – Lima [2hrs] – Economy
  • Peru Welcome Package
  • Airport with Meet & Greet – Vehicle/Driver/Local Representative (Day).


  • DAY 7

LIMA A Healthy Dose of History

  • Modern & Colonial City Tour (4 hrs) – Private Tour.


  • DAY 8

LIMA TO CUSCO A Change of Scenery

  • Airport – Vehicle/Driver/Local Representative (Day)
  • Air – Lima – Cusco [1.5hrs] – Economy
  • Airport – Vehicle/Driver/Local Representative
  • Afternoon Acclimatization.


  • DAY 9

CUSCO Cultural Immersion

  • Nearby Ruins & City Tour (with Lunch, 3.5hrs) – Private
  • Entrance Fees – Included.


  • DAY 10


  • Train Station – Vehicle/Driver/Local Representative
  • Note: Special luggage instructions
  • Train – Cusco – Aguas Calientes [Vistadome (4 hrs)] – Train Ticket
  • Transfer – Shared – Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu [Bus up to Machu Picchu (30 min)] – Bus Ticket
  • Machu Picchu Tour (with Lunch, 4 hrs) – Private Tour
  • Transfer – Shared – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes [Bus down to Aguas Calientes (30 min)] – Bus Ticket
  • Dinner (included).


  • DAY 11


  • Transfer – Shared – Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu [Bus up to Machu Picchu (30 min)] – Bus Ticket
  • Sun Gate Hike with Guide (3.5 hrs) – Private
  • Transfer – Shared – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes [Bus down to Aguas Calientes (30 min)] – Bus Ticket
  • Train – Aguas Calientes – Cusco [Vistadome (4 hrs)] – Train Ticket
  • Train Station – Vehicle/Driver/Local Representative.


  • DAY 12


  • Airport – Vehicle/Driver/Local Representative
  • Air – Cusco – Lima [1.5 hrs] – Economy


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • A completely modified agenda dependent on your inclinations and timetable
  • Every minute of every day in-objective help from our neighborhood office
  • All convenience stays, visits, and moves for planned exercises are covered, except if in any case recorded in the schedule
  • A private driver for visits and moves (in certain nations our nearby private aides likewise go about as your driver – your Destination Expert will examine with you if pertinent)
  • Hello at the air terminal or at your convenience from one of our agents – your master will affirm your meet and welcome area with you
  • Breakfast every morning at your lodging, in addition to any dinners demonstrated in the schedule
  • One bag and one carry-on per individual for trip moves.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Your worldwide airfare – kindly can let your master say whether you’d prefer to get an evaluation from our Air Team
  • Travel protection, which we offer and can be bought after you’ve booked your visit
  • Visas (except if noted)
  • Tips for administrations and encounters
  • Snacks, meals, and beverages (drunkard and non-heavy drinker), except if determined in the schedule
  • Abundance stuff charges, and where appropriate, things excluded from your passage
  • Individual charges like clothing, calls, SIM cards, or room administration
  • Early registration or late registration from inns (except if in any case indicated)
  • Extra touring, exercises, and encounters outside of your agenda
  • Discretionary improvements like room or flight updates, or nearby camera or video charges
  • Visa charges, inoculation expenses, and neighborhood flight charges (when relevant).
  1. Day 1 GUAYAQUIL

    Get Settled

    Upon appearance, an English-talking aide will welcome you outside of Customs holding a sign with your name on it. This delegate will guide you to your anticipating private driver and vehicle, and will likewise go with you to your convenience to help with registration.

  2. Day 2 GUAYAQUIL

    A Town Frozen in Time

    Starting at Malecon 2000, the renewed footpath ignoring the Guayas River, you will visit the interesting port city of Guayaquil close by a private guide. From the Malecon 2000, you will have the chance to spot a significant number of the city’s unmistakable landmarks, galleries, nurseries, and wellsprings. En route, visit La Rotonda, a landmark recognizing the gathering between Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar, who together battled contrary to Spanish standard. A drive down the consistently energized Avenida 9 de Octubre will submerge you in the hurrying around of everyday life around there. Then, you will visit Guayaquil Historical Park to learn of the way of life, customs, and history of the city specifically, and of the nation as a rule. Separated into three special areas, Wildlife, Urban Architecture, and Traditions find out about this brilliant country close by your private guide in this great and all-around tended park. Endless supply of this visit, you will be gotten back to your inn.


    Sail the Seas

    You will be secretly moved between Guayaquil Airport and your inn by an expert driver and English-talking guide.

    Get onto a trip in Guayaquil with the direct support of the Galapagos. The surmised flight length is two hours.

    The compulsory Galapagos traveler travel card is remembered for your agenda.

    All visitors visiting the Galapagos Islands are needed to have clinical travel protection. Verification of protection is needed upon passage to the Galapagos Islands, and your protection strategy should be legitimate for the span of your visit. Clinical Travel Insurance can be bought through Fly Vour Tours or autonomously. Kindly address your Destination Expert for more data.

    The compulsory Galapagos National Park extra charge is remembered for your itinerary. Please Note: All Galapagos journeys are to be referred to as a rule in particular – the course and program are liable to change as indicated by National Park strategies and guidelines, climate conditions, occasional changes, wellbeing precautionary measures, and assessed natural life experiences, and so forth A fuel overcharge is material to all vessels cruising in the Galapagos and all trips to and from the Galapagos. These extra charges have been remembered for your outing cost. Fuel Surcharges are liable to change without notice and extra charges might be material at the hour of movement.

    Upon appearance at Baltra Airport, continue through movement and stuff control. Just past Customs, you will be welcomed by an agent of the Calypso who will guide you to an anticipating mentor which will move you and different visitors to the boat. Subsequent to loading up the vessel, set aside some effort to get subsided into your stateroom and to investigate, get comfortable for lunch and partake in an invite instructions.

    The experience proceeds to South Plaza Island following a dry arrival. This little island with steep precipices was shaped by rising magma and is currently covered by Opuntia prickly plants. South Plaza additionally has one of the biggest ocean lion provinces in the archipelago, just as brilliant yellow and red land iguanas, swallow-followed gulls, Nazca boobies, and an intermittent Audubon’s shearwater. The most celebrated island plant is the Sesuvium. During the blustery season, this uncommon plant goes through a difference in shading, becoming greenish-yellow in tone, while in the dry season (end of June through January), it takes on a radiant red tone. Find a lot of characteristic marvels throughout a reasonably difficult climb that runs just shy of two miles (around three kilometers).


    Supported by Nature

    In the eighteenth century, whalers going through the islands set a wooden barrel on Floreana Island for use as an informal letter drop. The practice proceeds with today as guests leave tended to postcards in the barrel and sort through left mail to convey once got back. Earlier today, partake in this respected custom, leaving your own postcard or maybe getting a letter to convey ahead subsequent to leaving the islands. To make the outing, you’ll start with a wet arrival, trailed by a short half-mile (one kilometer) climb to arrive at the post box. Subsequent to returning, you’re welcome to swim or unwind installed. Then again, you may visit the Baroness Viewpoint, a phenomenal spot to assimilate the climate of the Galapagos. When occupied by a liberal noble and her three sweethearts, the historical backdrop of this island is interesting. The legends about this aristocrat are related to a captivating homicide secret. Find a lot of simple paths in this space for investigating the vegetation of Floreana.

    Cormorant Point has a huge flamingo tidal pond where different birds, for example, normal braces and white-cheeked pintails are generally noticed. The seashores on this island are unmistakable: The ”Green Beach” so named because of its green shade which comes from a high centralization of olivine gems in the sand, and the ”Four Sand Beach” which is fundamentally made out of white coral. You’ll arrive at land following a wet arrival and have the chance to set out on a climb that runs a little more than one mile (approximately two kilometers).


    Secret Gems

    St Nick Fe Island, otherwise called Barrington Island, is home to a little, beautiful straight and mooring on the island’s upper east coast. The narrows have two guest trails, one prompting a beautiful perspective on a bluff, and the other crossing from a little seashore to a tall thorny pear desert plant woods. Following a dry arrival, set out on the course that best suits your inclinations; on both of these reasonably difficult tracks you’re probably going to go overland iguanas and you may even see goliath fishes whirling off the coast.

    Visit the incredibly famous Charles Darwin Research Station, home to monster turtles going from three inches (new hatchlings) to four feet in length. Subspecies communicate with each other and a large number of the more established occupants are acclimated with people, routinely loosening up their heads for an ideal photo opportunity. Infants are kept until they are around four years of age and sufficiently able to make due all alone and are then delivered into nature. Visiting these stupendous animals is an unquestionable requirement when in the Galapagos!


    Your experience through the Galapagos closes with a visit to the Gianni Arismendy Interpretation Center to acquire an understanding of the historical backdrop of these lofty islands. Here you’ll piece on the characteristic history, mankind’s set of experiences, and protection. The preservation endeavors address the development to secure the untamed life and common habitat through methods for populace and traveler control.

    Following your involvement with the Gianni Arismendy Interpretation Center, you will be moved to San Cristobal Airport with different visitors to the Calypso. If it’s not too much trouble, make certain to pack your gear the night preceding the flight as the boat’s group will doorman your baggage from the vessel to the air terminal during your morning outing.

    Get onto a trip in the Galapagos with direct assistance to Guayaquil. The surmised flight term is two hours. Please note: Flight rates are liable to change without earlier notification.

    Get onto a trip in Guayaquil with the administration to Lima, Peru. The rough flight time is two hours.

    An invite bundle containing a city map, visit vouchers, and other helpful data will be hanging tight for you upon landing in your first lodging.

    Upon appearance to Lima, you will be invited outside of Customs by an English-talking aide holding a sign with your name on it. This agent will guide you to your anticipating vehicle and driver, and go with you to your inn to help with registration.

  7. Day 7 LIMA

    A Healthy Dose of History

    Established in 1535 as Ciudad de Los Reyes, or the City of the Kings, and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, Lima’s set of experiences is both intriguing and wild. Find the Peruvian capital close by a private guide and driver, starting with a visit to two of the city’s trendiest barrios, San Isidro and Miraflores. Overflowing with present-day engineering, top-notch eateries, store and brand name retailers, eccentric galleries, and welcoming bistros, take in amazing perspectives over the Pacific Ocean along an extensive and bluff side, a seaside footpath in Miraflores, at that point walk around the very much tended stops and promenades of San Isidro. In the wake of being secretly moved to the midtown center, wind up wondering about extremely old structures as the past is exposed, beginning with a stop at the Government Palace and City Hall in Plaza Mayor. In a similar square, finished in 1774, is the San Francisco Convent. A noteworthy illustration of Spanish Baroque design, it stays as striking today as it was in the eighteenth century notwithstanding the different seismic tremors that have shaken its establishment. Broad mausoleums under the religious circle have the remaining parts of an expected 25,000 people who were covered preceding the launch of Lima’s city graveyard; a visit to the matured burial chambers is one you will probably remember forever.

  8. Day 8 LIMA TO CUSCO

    A Change of Scenery

    You will be secretly moved between your lodging and Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima by an expert driver and an English-talking delegate.

    Get onto a trip in Lima with direct help to Cusco. The rough flight time is one hour and 15 minutes.

    Appreciate a private exchange between your inn and Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco close by an expert driver and an English-talking delegate.

    The impacts of being at high elevations shift from one individual to another. While a few voyagers will encounter no inconvenience, others may discover the cycle of acclimatization seriously testing. To guarantee an agreeable involvement with the coming days, set aside some effort to rest and permit your body to conform to the adjustment of climate.

  9. Day 9 CUSCO

    Social Immersion

    Get acquainted with the customs, history, and unanswered inquiries encompassing Cusco and the close by ruins on a secretly guided visit. Visit the Koricancha Temple, when isolate plated gold and highlighting yard sculptures made of strong gold, Conquistadors depicted it as ”impressive to excess.” Today, the Church of Santo Domingo lays on the site of the first sanctuary, making it a phenomenal area to find out about both Inca and Spanish culture and design from your private guide. Then, head to the truly amazing Plaza de Armas, the core of this lively Andean center point. Visit the radiant Cusco Cathedral and see one of the city’s best assortments of pilgrim workmanship. Your morning proceeds as you start your investigation of the memorable destinations encompassing Cusco. Even following quite a while of investigation and study, numerous secrets are lost on the grounds outside of Cusco. How was the gigantic complex called Sacsayhuaman developed? What was the reason behind the cascades and terraced rocks of Tambomachay? For what reason was Puca Pucara apparently underlying a surge? Was the amphitheater of Kenko utilized for human penances? In spite of the fact that you may not discover the responses to these inquiries, find the known history and celebrated tales encompassing these antiquated destinations with your guide. Your experience closes back around there, where you appreciate a merited tasty lunch at Incanto (included), which has some expertise in Mediterranean-Andean combination and is depicted by Fodor’s Travel as ”sharp” and ”upmarket.”

    The compulsory vacationer ticket, essential for investigations in and around the Sacred Valley, is incorporated. This vacationer ticket is substantial for one day as it were.


    Cross a thing off the Bucket List

    Appreciate a private exchange between your lodging and Poroy Train Station discovered right outside of Cusco close by an expert driver and an English-talking delegate.

    In the wake of showing up at Poroy Train Station, bid goodbye to your neighborhood aide and board the notable Vistadome. Having gotten comfortable, the train will withdraw from high in the mountains alongside a progression of bend trails, known as The Zigzag, plummeting into the dale underneath. Following the amazing Urubamba River, appreciate striking perspectives on the emotional scene as you start the journey into the core of the Sacred Valley. Pass through the lethargic town of Ollantaytambo which rests alongside the impressive Pinkuylluna Mountain where there will be a concise stop to drop-off and gather travelers. Before long the Vistadome will set off on the last, two-hour leg of the excursion, after a short time showing up in the lower regions underneath the antiquated stronghold in the town of Aguas Calientes. Here, your nearby guide will invite you along with neighborhood inn doormen who will move your baggage to your convenience.

    If it’s not too much trouble, note, severe gear limitations apply on board the Vistadome: 1) Only one piece of hand baggage is allowed per visitor, gauging a limit of 11 lbs (5 kgs). 2) Hand gear can’t be bigger than 62 direct inches. Things that surpass weight or estimation limitations won’t be allowed. Kindly address your Destination Expert for more data.

    Note on Luggage: This morning, your essential baggage will be set in secure capacity in Cusco. You will bring an individual short-term pack on board the train to Machu Picchu. Upon appearance to Aguas Calientes, you will land the train and meet your Machu Picchu control right away. This nearby guide will guarantee your overnight sack is sent to your inn in Aguas Calientes through inn watchmen. This will permit you to proceed straightforwardly to Machu Picchu. Upon appearance in Cusco, your essential baggage will be sitting tight for you.

    Board a van transport in Aguas Calientes and start the 30-minute drive to climb Machu Picchu Mountain on a bent street cut into the mountainside. Transports withdraw much of the time, leaving Aguas Calientes roughly like clockwork.

    Saturated with a secret, the mountain fortification of Machu Picchu has stunned guests since its revelation by American history specialist and pilgrim Hiram Bingham in 1911. Accepted to have been built at some point around 1450 CE and deserted a little more than a century later, it is one of the world’s most valued legacy destinations, and in light of current circumstances; supplementing an entrancing history and mind-boggling engineering are remarkable perspectives on the encompassing mountain ranges and the wild Urubamba River exactly 2,000 feet beneath. With a private guide obliging your own advantages and giving an enlightening outline of the set of experiences and engineering of this old fortress, acquire a firsthand comprehension of – and personal appreciation for – the masterpiece in Peruvian travel. Contingent upon the circumstance of your appearance, you will visit the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, the lone inn found on Machu Picchu, to appreciate a comfortable lunch either previously or after your top to bottom visit.

    Board a van transport at the passageway to Machu Picchu and make the 30-minute re-visitation of close by Aguas Calientes. Transport transports withdraw often, leaving Machu Picchu around at regular intervals.


    Take to the Trails

    Board a bus transport in Aguas Calientes and start the brief drive to climb Machu Picchu Mountain on a bent street cut into the mountainside. Transports withdraw often, leaving Aguas Calientes around like clockwork.

    High in the mountains close to Machu Picchu is a very much trampled, antiquated stone pathway that drives the route to the formal and conventional access to Machu Picchu fortress, known as Inti Punku (or Sun Gate). This path is considered by numerous individuals to be the most fundamental climb in Peru as it manages the cost of shocking vistas of the scene and comes full circle in a terrific perspective on the Machu Picchu fortification where the whole intricate can be valued from a solitary vantage point. Around one mile long, and including a climb of roughly 1,000 feet, the level confronted stones laid on the mountainside have been gone for over five centuries by a confounding scope of individuals, from the soonest Inca pilgrims to the bold voyagers of the present. Today, with a specialist neighborhood manage close by, walk in the strides of the Inca while getting a charge out of sensational perspectives on the space, including the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu, and Huayna Picchu. Please note: this climb is viewed as tolerably troublesome, regularly takes three to four hours to finish, and isn’t suggested for visitors with versatility limitations.

    Board a bus transport at the passage to Machu Picchu and make the 30-minute re-visitation of close by Aguas Calientes. Transport transports withdraw as often as possible, leaving Machu Picchu around at regular intervals.

    After an interesting involvement with the core of the old Inca world, the time has come to leave for the Imperial City, Cusco. Board the Vistadome in Aguas Calientes and unwind as you set out on the grand, four-hour excursion to Poroy Train Station close to Cusco. The course tracks with the Urubamba River, ascending and slipping through sloping territory using, where fundamental, a progression of bend trails. Consider buying a light bite or reward to make this visit through the field considerably more pleasant. After a short time, you will show up at Poroy Station close to Cusco.

    Appreciate a private exchange between your inn and Poroy Train Station discovered right outside of Cusco close by an expert driver and an English-talking delegate.

  12. Day 12 CUSCO TO LIMA

    Bon Voyage

    Appreciate a private exchange between your lodging and Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco close by an expert driver and an English-talking agent.

    Get onto a departure from Cusco with the administration to Lima. The estimated travel time between objections is one hour and 20 minutes. Kindly note this flight is excluded from your agenda cost and should be bought independently.