Alpine Adventure: Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Munich, Innsbruck, Lucerne, Interlaken, Zurich

Paraglide over the Bavarian Alps.

Go wild sailing through the Stubai Alps in Austria.

Take a pleasant train ride to Jungfraujoch in the Swiss Alps.

Private guided walking journeys through Munich, Innsbruck, Lucerne, and Zurich.

The astute decision of premium offices.

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    Discovery, Family, Guided Tours
  • Activity Level Moderate
  • Group Size Medium Group
All about the Alpine Adventure: Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

A travel experience like no other

This model plan was made by trained professionals and is expected to persuade your next trip. It is fit to be adjusted to suit your tendencies, tastes, and monetary arrangement so you can interface with neighborhood social orders and experience true blue travel on your own terms and leaving whenever you pick.

  • DAY 1

MUNICH The Adventure Begins

  • Airport – Vehicle/Driver
  • Meet & Greet – Assistant
  • Germany Welcome Package
  • Munich’s Old Town Walking Tour (2.5 hrs) – Private Tour.


  • DAY 2

MUNICH Lace Up for Some Fresh Air

  • Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps with Garmisch-Partenkirchen (8 hrs) – Vehicle/Driver-Guide.


  • DAY 3

MUNICH TO INNSBRUCK The Journey Continues…

  • Transfer – Private – Munich – Innsbruck [2 hrs] – Vehicle/Driver
  • Austria Welcome Package
  • Walking Tour of Innsbruck (2.5 hrs) – Private Tour.


  • DAY 4

INNSBRUCK Nurtured by Nature

  • White Water Rafting (Grade 3 Rapids: Stubai Valley) (5 hrs) – Vehicle/Driver/Rafting.


  • DAY 5


  • Transfer – Private – Innsbruck – Lucerne [via Vaduz, Liechtenstein (6 hrs) ] – Vehicle/Local Guide/Driver
  • Switzerland Welcome Package
  • Swiss Half-Fare Card.


  • DAY 6

LUCERNE Get a Lay of the Land

  • Lucerne Walking Tour (2 hrs) – Private Tour
  • Mount Pilatus with a Boat Ride on Lake Lucerne (6 hrs) – Private Tour.


  • DAY 7


  • Train Station – Luxury Vehicle/Driver
  • Train – Lucerne – Interlaken [2 hrs ] – 1st Class Ticket – Half Fare Card
  • Train Station – Luxury Vehicle/Driver
  • 1/2 Day Trümmelbach Waterfalls Tour – Vehicle/Driver.


  • DAY 8

INTERLAKEN Breathe the Mountain Air

  • Excursion to Jungfraujoch (8 hrs) – Self-Guided.


  • DAY 9


  • Train Station – Luxury Vehicle/Driver
  • Train – Interlaken – Zurich [via Bern (2hrs)] – 1st Class Ticket – Half Fare Card
  • Train Station – Vehicle/Driver
  • Zurich City Center Walking Tour (2 hrs) – Private Tour.


  • DAY 10

ZURICH Bon Voyage

  • Airport – Vehicle/Driver.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • A totally changed plan reliant on your tendencies and schedule
  • All-day every day in-target help from our local office
  • All comfort stays, visits, and moves for booked activities are covered, with the exception of if regardless recorded in the plan
  • A private driver for visits and moves (in specific countries our local private helpers similarly go probably as your driver – your Destination Expert will look at with you if material)
  • Neighborhood private associates or shared visits that take you through your plan highlights and experiences, your last timetable will certify such a visit
  • Hi at the air terminal or whenever the timing is ideal from one of our agents – your lord will assert your meet and welcome region with you
  • Breakfast each day at your motel, notwithstanding any suppers exhibited in the plan
  • One sack and one carry-on per individual for trip moves.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Your worldwide airfare – mercifully can allow your lord to say whether you’d like to get assessing from our Air Team
  • Travel assurance, which we offer and can be purchased after you’ve booked your visit
  • Visas (with the exception of whenever noted)
  • Tips for organizations and experiences
  • Bites, dinners, and refreshments (weighty consumer and non-lush), with the exception of whenever shown in the timetable
  • Plenitude things charges, and where suitable, stuff avoided from your cost
  • Singular charges like attire, calls, SIM cards, or room organization
  • Early enlistment or late enrollment from hotels (with the exception of if regardless showed)
  • Extra visiting, activities, and experiences outside of your plan
  • Optional upgrades like room or flight refreshes, or close by camera or video costs
  • Visa charges, inoculation costs, and neighborhood flight charges (when appropriate).
  1. Day 1 MUNICH

    The Adventure Begins

    A private move between your hotel and Munich Airport gives.

    For your extra comfort, an English talking right hand will be holding on for you at the housing antechamber. Your agent will help you with checking in and walk you through the welcome group reports, your plan, and answer your requests.

    A welcome pack with a city map, train tickets (if significant), and some other touristic information that we consider you may find supportive will keep it together for you upon your arrival in your first hotel on your trip.

    Walkthrough the center of Munich’s wonderful old town drove by a private guide. In transit, your guide will take you on a journey through the city’s splendid 850-year-old history. You will stop at various attractions that have seen events, which have made commonplace and by and large interest all through the long haul. From majestic shocks over uncommon worldwide celebrations to the rising as one of Europe’s for the most part convincing and rich metropolitan networks, Munich has experienced everything. Your learned guide will explain the known and reveal the favored experiences of this superb Alpine city. You are offered a one-hour lunch respite to discover and explore the clamoring bistros or world-well-known mix anterooms of Munich in isolation. Your guide would happily grant close-by top picks to you at your sales. Additional charges and lunch are prohibited. Should you end up in Munich during Oktoberfest, we can re-try your walking visit to show you the festivals.

  2. Day 2 MUNICH

    Trim Up for Some Fresh Air

    Meet your guide for an intense day in the Bavarian Alps with a visit to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and an exciting paragliding experience. The showing of free flight, couple paragliding outfits the authentic substance of chance with HV-guaranteed Tandempiloten, experienced paraglider pilots that have your security as their primary need. Feel the breeze all over as you take off numerous feet over the ground without turbines or an engine. On your Bavarian Alps visit, you will visit the ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which lies near the Zugspitze, Germany’s most vital top, with a 2,962m most elevated point that is gotten to by cogwheel train and trolley. Outlined when two towns participated in 1935 for the Winter Olympics, each holding its specific character, Garmisch is seen as the most exquisite section, while Partenkirchen’s cobblestone streets provide a standard Bavarian and Alpine vibe.


    The Journey Continues…

    A private trade from Munich to Innsbruck is given. The vague travel time is one hour and 45 minutes.

    A welcome group with a city map, train tickets (if appropriate), and some other touristic information that we consider you may find significant will be holding on for you upon your arrival in your first hotel on your journey.

    Like a portable encounter with a private guide along the most famous streets of Innsbruck. The city worked with the Olympic winter games twice, 1964 and 1976. Take a stroll through the Maria Theresien Steet similarly to the Herzog Friedrich Street, the road inciting the notable Golden Roof.

  4. Day 4 INNSBRUCK

    Upheld by Nature

    Meet your driver for a private trade to your social affair point at Neustift for a half-day experience of wild sailing in the Stubai Valley. The incredible Stubai Valley and the Ruetz River are ideal for wild drifting, paying little mind to the remote possibility that you are preeminent beginners or white-water subject matter experts. After a quick prosperity readiness, you will start your experience easy and pleasant, adequate freedom to turn out to be more familiar with your stuff, assess your first paddling strokes, and like the staggering wonderful points of view on the Tyrolean Mountains including you. Nonetheless, don’t be deceived by the smooth start, soon the Ruetz hurries up, with a hard and exceptionally wet movement that is an adrenalin-squeezed guaranteed. The state-confirmed barge associates and first-rate equipment give a restriction of prosperity similarly as fun during the excursion. Generously bring swimwear, some joy, and nerves of steel!


    A Dazzling Drive

    Today you will experience three countries in a solitary day! Meet your driver and capitalize on your private trade from Innsbruck to Lucerne with a 2-hour stop in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. On your stop in Vaduz, you will track down the capital on a private 2-hour walking visit with a close-by control. Stroll around the midtown space of Vaduz close by the Art Museum and the National Museum to the public power building and the astonishing Parliament building and on to the place of God. On the way back you will stop at the position Tourist Office ”Liechtenstein Center” where you can purchase the knickknack stamp for your distinguishing proof. On the way, your guide will reveal to you about the ensured hereditary government which supervises Liechtenstein, similarly as about the Princely Family, the country’s political and monetary unforeseen development, and the local people. From here, the outing continues and wraps up in Lucerne.

    A welcome pack with a city map, train tickets (if pertinent), close by contact list, various flyers of the protests you will visit, and some other touristic information that we consider you may find important will be holding on for you after arriving in the chief housing on your trip.

  6. Day 6 LUCERNE

    Get a Lay of the Land

    Research the wonderful storybook city of Lucerne, a charming city with various appearances, with your private English-talking guide. Masterminded on the banks of Lake Lucerne, the city has a long and fascinating history. Start with a stroll around the fourteenth-century Chapel Bridge and cross the Mill Bridge to see the sickening ”Dance of Death” materials. Pass by the Musegg Wall, the old city ramparts, and the noteworthy Town Hall, showing suits of covering reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Continue to the Lion Monument, a fundamental honor for the Swiss Guards who protected the Royal Palace in Versailles during the French Revolution. An optional visit to the Swiss Transport Museum can be coordinated. Celebrated for its huge variety of rail vehicles, plane vehicles, bicycles, and motorbikes similar to various shows and models related to the chronicled setting of transport and correspondence. Passage costs are avoided as this is an excellent course visit, any additional charges required ought to be paid locally.

    Set out from Lucerne with your private manual for experience charming Lake Lucerne, and track down the planning achievements which have allowed the Swiss to vanquish Mount Pilatus. Start the day boarding an agreeable excellent excursion on the totally clear waters of Lake Lucerne to Alpnachstad. From here, board the world’s steepest cogwheel get ready, and move to Pilatus Kulm, at a shocking 7000 feet in height. With a point of up to 48 percent, the Swiss were both settled and productive in vanquishing this unimaginable mountain, a certified achievement of creativity. At the most elevated mark of Mount Pilatus, stroll around to see the value in the electrifying comprehensive viewpoints over the Swiss Alps and Lucerne. To drop, board an aeronautical streetcar to Fraenkmuentegg, where you’ll change to more humble trolleys and clear over pine forest areas and mountain meadows to the town of Kriens. Regard amazing viewpoints on the snow-covered scene through the planning components of the trolley. Return to Lucerne by the private trade. First-rate Golden Round Trip passes to Mount Pilatus, private guide, boat trip, cogwheel train, trolley, and private trade are consolidated.


    Seeking after Waterfalls

    Meet your guide for a train station moves with a private vehicle.

    Board a train with the organization from Lucerne to Interlaken. The gathered move time is 3 hours.

    Meet your guide for a train station moves with a private vehicle.

    Meet your driver for a half-day private visit through the amazing Trümmelbach falls and explore the falls and exceptional mountain inside. A trademark UNESCO World Heritage site, the falls are a movement often cold mass falls, made by the dissolving of the amazing ice sheet dividers of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau which passes on up to 20,000 liters of water each second. The delayed consequence of this awesome and stunning pummeling of water can be seen from posts and examples close by a movement of walkways and natural hollows that were ordinarily made by the water’s turn of events (accessible by tunnel lift). Make sure to stop and like the superb view over the Lauterbrunnen valley. The additional charge to the Trümmelbach falls is joined.


    Breathe in the Mountain Air

    The current free excursion will take you to the genuine heart of the Bernese Alps: the solid Eiger, Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau from the noteworthy score of the Alpine Region. Walk around Interlaken Ost station and carry the train into the Waterfall Valley of Lauterbrunnen where you should change gets ready and board one to Jungfraujoch. The deduced make outing time from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch is 2.5 hours for each course through the stunning perspective. At Jungfraujoch, the most raised rail line station in Europe, you can visit the Ice Palace and the Sphinx Terraces – came to by lift dealing with the expense of a dazzling point of view on the Aletsch Glacier, the greatest stream of ice in Europe. Award or a gala can be gained at the Jungfraujoch Restaurant ”Top of Europe”. After roughly 2 hours of examining the vistas, return to the mountaineering town of Grindelwald, known as the colder season for sports and mountaineering center. Like the point of view on the amazing mountains, before returning to Interlaken where you’ll independently move back to your hotel. Passes to Mt. Jungfraujoch and seat reservation from Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfraujoch and back are consolidated.


    On the Road Again

    Meet your guide for a train station moves with a private vehicle.

    Board a train with the organization from Interlaken to Zurich, with a trade-in Bern. The induced travel time is 2 hours.

    Meet your guide for a train station moves with a private vehicle.

    Examine the midtown space of Zurich on a slackening up walking visit through Switzerland’s greatest city and one of the world’s most critical money-related core interests. With your private guide, wander along the streets and take in a fair framework of Zurich’s various sides. Stroll around the business district, fixed with sufficient shopping openings, through the Old Town, and along the lake to re-empower among the greenery of the city’s wearing offices on the edges. Visit Fraumünster to see Chagall’s stained-glass church windows, and stop at the lake for a wonderful sweeping viewpoint on the city. As this is a course visit, additional charges are avoided and ought to be paid locally if you wish to enter any objections.

  10. Day 10 ZURICH

    Bon Voyage

    Meet your English-talking driver for a private air terminal trade.